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I am a 34 years old, DevOps Engineer, graduate of EPITECH.

During my studies, I had the chance to work in several companies, from startup to big ones, in France and abroad.

I specialized myself in web development very early in my studies, seeing in it the potential and the flexibility it can offer.

Since then, I worked as Backend, Frontend and DevOps engineer to get the full spectrum of web engineering.


2021 - now

DevOps Engineer @ Dreem (Paris, France)

I am in charge of the AWS infrastructure at Dreem, we handle a dozen AWS EKS clusters running on ~60 EC2 instances, more than a dozen RDS instances and about 350Tb of S3 storage across 125 buckets.

Main challenges: cleanup technical debt, improve reliability, put costs controls in place, enforce HIPAA requirements.

Languages : Python, Go

Tools/Frameworks : AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Github, Datadog, Elasticsearch

DB : PostgreSQL

2019 - 2021

DevOps Engineer @ comet (Paris, France)

As the only DevOps Engineer, I was responsible of the company’s infrastructure of more than 40 instances on AWS : maintenance, security, reliability, monitoring, automation.

We build with Terraform, provision with Ansible, run with Kubernetes, monitor with Prometheus, CI/CD with Gitlab, logs & trace with Datadog.

Languages : Javascript, Go

Tools/Frameworks : Node.js, Vue.js, Docker, AWS, Gitlab, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Prometheus, Vault

DB : PostgreSQL

2018 - 2019

Lead Backend @ comet (Paris, France)

I was in charge of creating a backend team, I went from 2 to 6 backend engineers in less than 6 months.

My responsibilities were : recruitment, on-boarding program, people management, performance management, set and enforce rules & guidelines, technical lead (decision making, strategy, technical debt management, documentation, mentoring).

2017 - 2018

Backend Engineer @ comet (Paris, France)

My main job was the development and maintenance of our micro-services backend, including a GraphQL API.

I also worked on a migration from AWS ElasticBeanstalk to Kubernetes for all backend services for production and staging environments.

I made a tool to create short-lived on-demand sandboxed environments replicating production for testing/QA purposes using Kubernetes API and Gitlab API.

Languages : Javascript

Tools/Frameworks : Node.js, Vue.js, Docker, AWS, Gitlab, Kubernetes

DB : PostgreSQL

2017 - 2017

Web Engineer @ Smile Open Source Solutions (Montpellier, France)

I worked on two projects here : maintenance of a big e-commerce website & maintenance of a web-based internal tool for a huge company.

Languages : PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Tools/Frameworks : Symfony 2, Laravel, jQuery, Docker


2015 - 2017

CTO co-founder @ Check and Move (Paris, France)

As a CTO of this small company I was in charge of multiple things : API development, infrastructure on AWS, frontend development of the website and project management.

Languages : PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Tools/Frameworks : Symfony 2/3, Node.js, Vue.js, Vagrant, Ansible, AWS


2014 - 2015

Web Engineer @ Smartplace (Paris, France)

SmartPlace is a web app CRM with a reactive frontend. My mission was to maintain the code base and develop new features for the customers.

Languages : PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Tools/Frameworks : Symfony 2, jQuery


2014 - 2014

Web Developer @ Webfutur (Bordeaux, France)

Development and maintenance of a variety of projects in the agency. Facebook games, advertising websites and web apps for clients internal usage.

Languages : PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Tools/Frameworks : Drupal, Wordpress, jQuery


2011 - 2012

Full Stack Web Developer @ Holler Sydney (Sydney, Australia)

Backend & Frontend development on large audience ephemeral advertising websites, rich Facebook Fan Pages for national and international brands.

Languages : PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Tools/Frameworks : Zend Framework, Symfony 2, Facebook API, GoogleMaps API


2011 - 2012

Web Developer @ Axestech (Bordeaux, France)

Worked as a part-time Web Developer in this web agency, alongside my studies.

Languages : PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Tools/Frameworks : CodeIgniter, Doctrine ORM, Facebook API, Twitter API, GoogleMaps API, jQuery



2008 - 2013

Computer Expert Diploma @ EPITECH (Paris, France)

I learned through the years how to : code, work with other people, manage other people and achieve IT projects.

2011 - 2012

Master of Business Information Systems @ Australian Catholic University of Sydney (Sydney, Australia)

I was taught how to see IT projects from a business point of view and how to solve businesses problems with technical solutions.

2004 - 2008

High School Diploma @ Lycée Professionnel St-Genès (Bordeaux, France)

Specialized in computing and networking.


Symfony 2 & 3
Vue.js - Node.js
MySQL - PostgreSQL
Git - Gitlab
Kubernetes - Docker
Ansible - Terraform
Prometheus - Grafana
Cloud Environments
Processes Automation
Backend Software Design
Human Languages
French (native)
English (fluent)

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